Why book a reading with Magenta Rose?

Connect with loved ones in spirit and receive messages

Connect with your Spirit Guides, Angels, Teachers and Spirit Animals

Receive direction and life purpose

Receive Divine guidance on life issues

Understand soul contracts with family and relationships

Assist you to activate more financial freedom

Understand your soul's journey and your personal soul song

Access Akashic records

Guidance into the portal of your true essence

​Discover past lives and how they are influencing your present life

Clear Karma, remove obstacles that are blocking your path to abundance

Embrace your creativity

Acquire the courage to step forward on the life that you were meant to live

Assistance with soul awakening, soul loss and soul recovery

Change old patterns and negative beliefs

Recognize Synchronicity

How to be in alignment with Universal Power

Chakra clearing

Activate Your Soul Star

House clearing by creating a strategic crystal grid to bring in higher frequencies to remove stagnant energies.

Elevate your vibration to a higher frequency  and become a magnet to manifest your heart's desires 

Navigate your life through the power of synchronicity

Be prepared to embrace your future

What to expect from a session

Magenta Rose walks between the worlds offering her services to assist  in empowering you on your journey of transformation towards love, light and beauty; while not only connecting you with those that have traveled into the afterlife, but also helping you to identify who you really are and connecting you to your soul's mission, enabling you to find your own power, clarity, direction and inner beauty.

How to prepare for your reading

Come with an open heart and open yourself to receiving divine messages, gifts and blessings. You can prepare ahead of time by lighting a candle and sitting quietly with your intention for having the reading. The clearer your intention, the clearer your reading will be. You may also prepare a couple of questions that you would like answered at the end of the session.

How Magenta Rose can assist you

Before each reading, Magenta prepares by setting her intention and invocations with prayers for being of the best service to you and all humanity. She uses a technique showed to her by spirit to clear her own aura and to become a clear channel of love, light and grace. She prays to God, guardians, angels, departed loved ones, and spirit guides to ask to be divinely guided for inspirational messages to assist you from the highest source of love and light. 

As a Mystic

Magenta seeks by self-surrender to obtain unity with the absolute. She believes in the Spiritual absorption of truths that are beyond the intellect. 

As a Psychic

Magenta has extraordinary sensitivity to transcendent influences giving her the ability to predict the probability of future outcomes as well as tapping into your past and present . Please keep in mind that free will also plays an important role in all outcomes. 

As a Medium

By communicating with Spirits in the after-life, Magenta reunites you with your departed loved ones to receive messages and divine guidance. This can help you to move forward in your life with more clarity, along with reassurance, a feeling of serenity and closure.

Magenta utilizes the following attributes of her psyche:

Clairvoyance ~ "Clear Seeing"

Supernatural ability to see things in the future or beyond normal sensory contact. 

Clairsentience ~ "Clear Feeling" 

Supernatural ability to sense the feelings of others including those of the departed.

Clairaudiance ~ "Clear Hearing" 

Supernatural ability to hear things outside the range of normal perception such as the voice of a lost loved one.

Claircognizance ~ "Clear Knowing"

Supernatural ability to acquire psychic knowledge (you just have a knowing about things).

Terms and conditions​​

Upon payment for your service, you are accepting and understanding the following:You are totally responsible for in whatever way you choose to use the information of the sessions or readings. Magenta does not guarantee the accuracy of the information that is given, the readings only show possible outcomes, Magenta is no way responsible or liable for the outcome of any of her readings/sessions or services.Any reading/session or service with Magenta is no way meant to replace medical or legal advice; she is not a medical doctor nor a psychiatrist. Please consult with your physician if you are under any medication before having a session. Written permission from your physician is required. Magenta gets paid for her valuable time with you. If you need to cancel an appointment, 24 hours' notice is required or you will not be refunded.By accepting these terms and conditions you hold harmless and release Magenta, Mystic Psychic Medium from any damages and all legal responsibility from your reading/session or service.

Privacy Policy
We value and respect your privacy. All sessions/readings are confidential. We will never give or sell your personal information. All the information on this site is property of Mystic Psychic Medium. All users are prohibited from copying, distributing, transmitting, or posting.

After payment is received you will be contacted by email to arrange your session.

Readings with Magenta Rose (via Skype or phone)

60 minutes - $275

45 minutes - $222

30 minutes - $155

15 minutes -   $80

​Series of 4 Soul Sessions (60 minutes each) - $888

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